Simpler Smarter Savings

Working in an office dealing with merchant accounts can be satisfying, but it can also be stressful. The day-to-day business of credit card processing can seem monotonous and impersonal. It is important to find ways to humanize the workplace, providing outlets that allow merchant accounts workers to unwind throughout the workday.

One innovative way of providing a less stressful workplace is to allow workers to bring their dogs to the office. Bringing dogs to the office provides several benefits. One benefit is the immediately softening of the harsh reality of the workplace, boosting morale and making credit card processing workers happier and more productive.

Other benefits to bringing a dog to work immediately affect the dog owner. If a worker can bring his or her canine to work, they will be able to truly feel at home. This allows the worker to gain many of the benefits of working from home, such as taking short breaks with their pets, while being able to collaborate with their fellow workers face to face.

If allowed to bring their dog to work, the dog owner will have the added benefit of being able to take their dogs out at lunch or breaks for walks or playing. Working with merchant accounts is often very sedentary work, and playing with a pet during the day provides strong incentive to exercise. This will slowly improve the pet owner’s overall fitness and health, reducing the number of vacation days the worker takes. This could also have a positive affect on the entire workplace, hopefully reducing health insurance costs for the office.

On the productivity side of the equation, a worker who is allowed to have their dog at their side in the office as less of a need to immediately leave work at the end of the day. The worker will have more flexibility in being able to work overtime if needed, and will positively influence the work with merchant accounts throughout the office.

Being able to bring a dog to work improves workers’ morale, making them healthier and more productive.