1. What if my credit score is not very good?

    No worries, we maintain one of the highest approval percentages in the entire United States.

  2. Who do I call with questions about my account?

    Please call your CreditCardProcessing.com sales consultant and he or she will assist you with solving any questions you may have.

  3. What are the terms and policies you have in place in order to protect my privacy?

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  4. I’m not sure how to operate my terminal/processing solution?

    Once you receive your solution, your CreditCardProcessing.com sales consultant will ensure you are properly trained, so that you feel comfortable accepting credit cards.

  5. When can I actually start processing my customers’ credit cards?

    Normally, you can start processing the next business day after your account’s approval.

  6. How long does it take to receive my funds?

    Typically, our merchants receive their daily funds within two to three business days.

  7. What exactly is your policy on returns?

    CreditCardProcessing.com has extremely competitive rates and pricing, which we offer to our valued merchants, and we reserve the right to refuse sales of our products and services to those merchants who do not have an account with us.   For our valued merchants, we offer replacement and warranty service for the first 30 days after receipt of your terminal.  A manufacturer’s warranty comes standard with all equipment sold by CreditCardProcessing.com.  After the initial 30 day period, any issues will be handled promptly and we will assist in the resolution of service by the manufacturer.  Merchants who return new and unopened equipment within the first 30 days of purchase shall be refunded the amount of sale minus a restocking fee of 15% to 25%.  Return shipping costs shall be the responsibility of sender.  Internet gateway license fees, software and any other set-up fees cannot be returned or refunded.

  8. How does PCI DSS relate to me?

    PCI and DSS stand for Payment Card Industry and Data Security Standards.  These are requirements related to payment account data security.  The purpose of these requirements is to ensure the adoption of the industry wide data security measures.  All merchants are subject to compliance and at the very least, merchants must complete a PCI DSS self-assessment questionnaire annually.  A quarterly scan may be required if your processing system has internet connectivity or you electronically store your cardholder’s information.  There is a yearly fee for becoming PCI DSS compliant, but if you are already compliant, you will not be assessed any additional PCI DSS fees for the remaining calendar year.  A certificate of compliance will be issued to you upon completion of your PCI DSS certification.  As well, you may request a logo for display.  All acquirers are required by Visa and MasterCard to report on the PCI compliance of their merchants.  If you overlook data security practices by failing to complete the self-assessment questionnaire, you may be at risk for a security breach, which may subject you to fines of up to $500,000 per payment brand.  This fine(s) does not include possible, further expenses related to the fraudulent activity resulting from the breach.

  9. Where can I learn about common payment processing terms and industry?

    Take a look at our Glossary

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