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The VeriFone VX520 is one of the five countertop credit card processing machines currently offered by electronic payment transaction manufacturer VeriFone. Boasting a sleek and stylish lightweight design, the VX520 is not only ergonomically designed for sitting on a counter, but for handing over to clients/customers to punch in their information. The design also aids in its portability. The VX520 is ideal for merchant accounts, allowing you to accept payments from debit or credit cards for your business.

Only measuring 95 millimeters long and 87 millimeters wide, this credit card processing machine comes with a 400 MHz processor for fast transaction processing. 128 MB of flash memory and 32 MB of RAM is sufficient for supporting multiple activities in a single terminal. Overall, the VX520’s 32-bit processing capabilities is designed to take care of payments and value-added applications activity in a fast and efficient manner.

The VX520 has a variety of ports: two USB and a RS-232 port for connection to a computer system, and RJ-11 and Ethernet ports for online connectivity. However, you can go wireless by using the optional built-in GPRS technology. Also, you can take advantage of the option to use battery power by turning it into a portable device; you are not limited to electrical power, courtesy of its power adapter. All connectivity ports are conveniently tucked underneath the terminal.

The terminal’s interface resembles that of an ATM. Present is a white backlit LCD screen, designed as an 8-line by 21-character display and providing a resolution of 128 by 64 pixels. Accompanying the relatively large screen is a backlit keypad, which comes with extra-size menu prompts. At the top is an integrated thermal printer, which simplifies paper loading and reduces paper jams. It also produces logos, graphical fonts, and character-based languages with great graphics-handling capability.

At the side of the terminal is the card reader, which securely transmits payments to merchant accounts. Also included is a smart card reader at the bottom of the device; it safeguards sensitive financial data and is compatible with several smart card schemes. There’s also the option of using the integrated contactless reader option, thus eliminating the need of physically using the card. The VX520’s increased security PCI 2.0 comes courtesy of SDA DDA encryption.