Simpler Smarter Savings

When credit card processing began, it promised to be a boom to retail merchants and those who provided services on an ongoing basis. However, hooking into a system that could process credit cards usually involved monthly fees, equipment costs and a variety of different prices that ate into profits and became burdensome to manage for accounting.
The advent of the smartphone allowed people to connect to the Internet quickly and on a mobile basis, in a variety of environments.

What Is Mobile Credit Card Processing?

Mobile credit card processing uses the Internet connection that a standard smartphone implements. Smartphones are different than the common cell phones in that they can use applications that can do certain tasks. In addition to making simple phone calls, these “apps” allow the use to do computing, store personal information, play audio and video files, use email and connect to other computers. More recently, applications have been available that allow smartphones to connect to credit card processing companies. This innovation has opened up the world of mobile payments to artists, craftspeople vendors and a variety of in-home service people.

Benefit of Mobile Credit Card Payments

Mobile credit card processing allows merchants to cut their costs considerably. Generally, only two fees are applicable, one for swiping the card and a slightly higher fee for keying in the credit card number. This simple scale makes accounting easier for small businesses. Merchants who once had to send invoices to customers and wait for payment can take their money on the spot. Usually, the funds are deposited into the merchant’s account the next day. Merchants can easily keep track of payments by email, which are sent to them each time the processing application is used. When the payment is made to the merchant’s bank, the fee amount is clearly indicated for easy entry into accounting systems. Customers prefer mobile payments, too. They can make a payment at the time of sale or service wherever it is.

What You Will Need

Signing up for mobile credit card processing is easy. First, you will need a smartphone. If you don’t have one, purchase one and take the time to get to know this amazing new technology. You will then be required to go to the credit card processor’s web site to create an account that connects to your bank. After downloading the “app” for processing, you will then be ready to serve your customers on the go.