Simpler Smarter Savings

By understanding the ins and outs of credit card processing fees, a business can easily minimize the amount of fees that a credit card processing services provider charges.

A Monthly Fee

Most companies that provide merchant accounts will charge a relatively low monthly fee, and a business owner can choose the date of the month on which the company will pay the fee.

Fees For Each Transaction

Some merchant services providers charge a small fee for each transaction that the merchant processes, and the amount of this fee is usually a very small percentage, such as one percent, of the amount of each transaction.

Online Payment Processors

A company may charge slightly higher fees to accept payments from online payment processors because online payment processors are generally not as secure as credit cards or bank accounts, and in addition, the merchant services provider may have to pay fees in order to set up business accounts with each of these independent processors.


Sometimes, customers issue chargebacks without contacting the merchant, and in these situations, a company that provides merchant services may charge the merchant extra fees.

If the chargeback is reversed, the merchant services provider will usually return the amount of money that it took for the fees.

Mobile Payment Terminals

Many companies allow merchants to lease mobile payment terminals, and the price for leasing these terminals can vary widely depending on the number of terminals that the merchant leases and the features that the terminals offer.

Furthermore, the fees for processing transactions by using mobile payment terminals may be slightly higher because the services provider has to use a satellite in order to receive a customer’s credit card information.

Recurring Billing

If a company wants to charge customers by using recurring billing, a merchant services provider will usually only charge a fee for the first payment that the customer makes.

Credits Cards Tied To Merchant Accounts

A merchant can obtain a credit card that is tied to their merchant account, and each time a business owner makes a withdrawal from an ATM that isn’t in a certain network, the business owner may be charged a relatively low fee.