Simpler Smarter Savings

All companies know that financial compensation is the primary way to keep employees happy and motivated, but what if the budget is tight? Here are some other options for keeping employees happy.

“How was your day at work?”

Employees want to work for an enjoyable, interesting and fulfilling company. They want to be able to continually improve their marketable skills and feel like they are achieving something with their time. Offering your best projects to the best employees is a way to keep them happy.

“Intangible Brand Accoutrements”

Every company has its own valuable intangible brand benefits. Retail stores offer employee discounts, the military offers rides on its airplanes and a well-known brand may offer first selection on merchandise to its employees. When your team feels appreciated, they will work harder and deliver more value to your merchant accounts.

“Job Advancement”

The business world can be a stepping stone for many of the top executives. Just as credit card processing guidelines are fairly standard for the banking industry, each industry has certain basic operating procedures. A good company might attract the best talent by offering skill sets that can be used to advance the executive’s career. Frequent job evaluations not only allow the manager to assess his workers, but also allow the workers to suggest new skills they may want to acquire.

“Reward Success”

There are many ways to reward success: great parking spot, new title or corner office. A good supervisor will have a solid understanding of all the items of value in his organization and distribute benefits to the proper employees. Just as faster credit card processing systems benefit the owners of merchant accounts, a good corporation will show the tangible benefit of the proper course of action by rewarding his workers.

“A Dog Needs to Work”

The motivated employee has a need to work to achieve his highest calling. Veterinarians know that if you don’t keep a dog busy, he will find some work for himself – like digging holes in your yard. Work is natural and a necessary part of life.

“Muscles Must Be Built But Not Overstressed”

Great leaders know how to encourage, motivate and manage their work forces to achieve higher goals. Just like a fitness workout, a good manager will “maximize” the potential of a muscle while not “overburdening it.” Finding that golden mean is what separates the best leaders from the pack.