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In the world of credit card processing, the work of an independent sales organization is a valuable asset. Often referred to simply as an ISO, the organization works alongside a bank card association while remaining a separate entity from that association. There are several key functions that the ISO provides to the association, resulting in benefits for both the customer and the entity that issues the credit cards.

Securing New Clients for the Association

One of the main functions of an ISO is to find new clients who need the services offered by an association like a bank or a credit union. As this relates to credit card processing, this means the establishment of merchant accounts that the client uses to receive payments from his or her customers. As part of the process, the representative of the ISO will present a plan that includes specific rates for card processing, and may even offer the equipment needed to initiate and complete transactions using credit cards.

Exploring the Options of Terminal Leasing and Purchase

An ISO will also help the client determine if purchasing terminals as part of the arrangement is the best bet, or if leasing that equipment is a better option. This will vary based on the type of business enterprise the client operates, the volume of the transactions, and a number of other factors. The goal is to help structure merchant accounts so that they work seamlessly for those clients, and ensure that the money from those transactions appears in bank accounts within the shortest window of time possible.

Customer Service and Support

An independent sales organization will also offer ongoing customer service and support to the client. This begins at the time a decision is made to establish an account. The rep will help with the setup of the terminal, provide instruction in how to process payments, and basically walk the client through all the features that come with the terminal. In future, the rep will be available to answer questions, offer support in troubleshooting if it becomes necessary, and even advise the client of opportunities to upgrade equipment or qualify for discounts off the current rate system.

The bottom line is that an effective independent sales organization brings together clients who need high-quality merchant accounts with the associations that can provide them. Helping to manage that relationship ensures that all parties benefit from the arrangement, and continue to do so for many years to come.