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Increase Your Processing Potential

No serious business can continue to compete without the aid of advanced credit card processing technology. The terminals available on today’s market far exceed those designed in the past when it comes to speed, versatility, and providing access to different types of merchant accounts. One of the most advanced pieces of equipment to become a standard in the way that businesses operate in a dynamic environment is the Hypercom T77. This credit card processing hardware offers an extraordinary number of abilities in a compact and simple design.

Customer Control from the Very Beginning

The applications built into this unit give it the ability to handle a huge variety of merchant accounts at lightening speeds. It comes completely prepared to process credit and debit cards, checks, store-value cards, and proprietary accounts as well. Another advantage of this equipment is its ability to be upgraded into existing payment systems. It is able to enhance a variety of auth-only equipment. The versatility of the unit is also enhanced by the fact that customers can choose from among several options for printing. The Hypercom T77 can be equipped to work with a thermal printer, sprocket hardware, or a friction type.

Built for a Lifetime of Business

Retailers can also eliminate any concerns related to the reliability or durability of their purchase. All the components are completely replaceable. Additionally, the printouts can be specified to address a number of different transactions. You gain the ability to print transaction-specific data, cardholder receipts, or multi-part retail vouchers. The easy operation of the unit also saves businesses time and money when it comes to training and reduced time periods between transaction and settlement. The various options for system connectivity also frees up businesses to increase the number of transactions being made without sacrificing in other areas. The interface is so intuitive that the majority of transaction can be made using a few, simple keystrokes.

Equipped for Expansion

The telecommunication ability of the hardware is based on scanners and keypads that are similar to those found in ATM formatting. It also comes with ports for adding PIN processing and provides you with the ability to scan and electronically verify checks. This point-of-sale equipment comes equipped with a large memory capacity as well, allowing you to expand the forms of payment that you are capable to accept regardless of the amount of traffic in the area.