Simpler Smarter Savings

Salesforce is a great CRM that many around the world rely on and use all the time. Of course, it is not the only solution and some people want more out of their CRM experience. With this in mind, here are four alternatives to salesforce.com.


This offers a complete solution and is the nearest alternative to salesforce.com. With this, one can manage their email campaigns, marketing efforts, inventory and payments. The biggest benefit of Zoho is that one can track their email campaigns without much effort when compared to other providers that make it hard for a user to track easily. Without a doubt, when looking for a full and viable solution, one should consider Zoho as it allows a user to do everything under the sun.


Some people want a CRM that is easy to set up and install. With Landslide, a customer will get the easiest installation project on his or her hands. This is great for an entrepreneur who wants to accept credit cards quickly and move on with the business. Of course, it offers plenty of other options as an entrepreneur can sync it with his or her merchant account. Simply put, when looking for a user-friendly CRM, one should consider Landslide.


This provider offers a full service solution and plenty of technical support. For this reason, SugarCRM is the perfect solution for a busy owner who does not want to spend days or weeks learning a new CRM and the entire setup process. Without a doubt, this is the ideal long-term solution for a company owner who needs help and support from his or her provider. In fact, with support for so many tablets and smartphones, this is perfect for someone who wants to communicate and follow everything easily and without missing a step.


When looking for a solution for a one man company, a person should consider Insight.ly. While this does not offer a full service fix, a person who wants the basics should consider Insight.ly. Simply put, this is a great tool for a small business owner who does not have a lot of money but still needs a CRM.

With these four formidable alternatives, one should have no trouble finding the best CRM for their unique needs. Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all program and one must choose what they need and do not need out of a CRM.