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Learning analytical information that is specific to your website can be a helpful tool for contributing to the growth of your company. And while Google Analytics is often times one of the most talked about programs on the internet, that’s not to say that it is the best. Here is a list of alternatives to Google Analytics that will help your business grow and learn more from the traffic that it gets online.


One problem with some online analytical services is that they can be difficult to follow or understand. This isn’t the case with Cliicky. Clicky is a very easy to understand program that allows you up to 3,000 free monthly users. And while there is a fee after that amount, its quite minimal in comparison to alternatives.


Kissmetrics offers users to see the depth of their users choice. For example, you can track and visualize the user life-cycle and why visitors vary so much from user to user. And if you are a site that regularly accepts payments, you can run this through Kissmetrics as well for further information regarding where these customers are coming from to pay your site. And if nothing else, Kissmetrics probably has the coolest name on this list.


Business owners won’t feel complete without the use of FoxMetrics. A lot of other names on this list will help with blogs and other commercial sites. But when it comes to business, FoxMetrics is the way to go. FoxMetrics allows you to look at specific user behavior, and you can then organize your site based off of that. FoxMetrics also works with your merchant account, which will help you accept credit cards for your business.


GoSquared is great because it gives you a look at traffic that is detailed down to the hour-by-hour traffic. You can also see how many current viewers are on the site and what their activity is. One of the most useful things about GoSquared is the ability to also observe social media patterns like Twitter comments that are being said about your page.


Lastly, consider taking a look at Woopra to get an idea of where in the world your traffic is coming from. Woopra gives you a nice display in the form of an infographic with users that are using the site. You can also view were they are and what it is that they are looking at, at any given time. Woopra is a bit more costly than other services on this list, but it’s worth the investment with the amount of information it provides.

If you aren’t using analytics to track your online traffic, you are making a huge mistake. But if you aren’t a fan of Google and their analytics program, don’t feel pressured to settle with their services. There are plenty of other options available, some of which are listed here.