Simpler Smarter Savings

To attain profitability, many businesses have turned to the advantages offered by e-commerce. Selling one’s products online makes it possible to reach a larger consumer base and offer a larger stock than would be possible in a single retail store. This is why merchant services are important. By allowing online businesses to accept credit and debit card transactions over the Internet, merchant services increase a business’ ability to do business, provide customer convenience and offer important security considerations.

With merchant services, a business can sell products to consumers all over the world. These services allow an online business to accept all manner of currencies and include an automated conversion system to change the payment to a business’ preferred form of currency. By taking one’s business from local to global, merchant services help improve its profitability. Furthermore, online businesses that utilize merchant services are not bound by regular brick-and-mortar store hours. Instead, they are able to make sales during all hours of a day, every single day of the year.

With the online credit card processing provided by merchant services, an online business is able to provide customers with a convenient way to purchase products. After filling online shopping carts with their desired items, consumers can type in their credit or debit card information and submit their orders in a matter of moments. This is far more convenient than having to drive to a physical store location, search out desired products and wait in line at the register when it comes time to pay. Merchant services allow an online business to accept credit and debit card transactions from all major card providers. Additionally, many merchant service providers offer a customer service presence to answer consumer questions and provide a quick resolution for any payment problems.

When consumers provide their credit or debit card information to an online business, they want to know that this critical information will be kept safe from identity thieves. This is another reason that merchant services are vital for online retailers. When an online business stores customer information on a single computer, it makes it easy for identity thieves to hack the computer and access this information. Merchant service providers, on the other hand, keep customer information in a secure data center. The PCI compliance standards that are applied to data center security make it extremely difficult for a hacker to obtain credit and debit card information.

For any business that is in the process of opening an online storefront, it is absolutely vital that the company takes advantage of merchant services. By expanding their customer base, as well as providing customer security and convenience, these services drastically improve an online business’ chances for success.