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Offline Debit: Refers to transactions using a branded Visa or MasterCard debit card that adhere to debit regulations. A merchant must pay a discount fee for offline debit purchases.

Offline Transaction: Another term for “Force. See “Force” for more information.

On-Us Entries: Debit and credit entries which are held at the same financial institutions and posted internally in the institution.

On-Us Transaction: When the issuer and acquirer are the same financial institution, an electronic banking transaction is considered an “on-us” transaction.

Online Debit: Debit transactions that take place online, which require a PIN pad at the POS. Cash back is available through online debit transactions and funds are debited instantaneously. These transactions are guaranteed.

Online Transaction: A STAR cardholder initiates an online transaction using a PIN. This type of transaction is instantly processed at the time of approval and posted to the access account of the STAR cardholder.

Open-to-Buy: The credit limit of a cardholder account less the balance of an account.

Operating Procedures: Instructions and procedures for credit and debit card transactions. The operating procedures manual is prepared by an acquiring processor.

Operating Risk: An important term relating to a specific merchant, operating risk consists of cumulative credit risk exposure combined with the total cumulative chargeback risk exposure.

Operating Rules: A general term for rules used to improve security, consistency, interoperability and efficiency among financial service providers. Operating rules include but are not limited to settlement timing requirements, credit limits and authorization procedures.

Original Draft: The original form used in a transaction created by a bank. See “hard copy” for more information.

Original Submission: The electronic POS transaction authorized by a STAR merchant or an acquirer processor, combined with an encrypted PIN. The original submission refers to the original electrical signal, and is similar to an original draft, except electronic and with the aforementioned PIN.

Originator: The institution which initiates an ACH payment or a wire transfer.

Outlet: A chain location, distinct from a franchise location.