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Imprinter: A merchant tool used to emboss credit card information for transactions onto sales drafts or related documents.

Independent Authentication Organization (IAO): A non-member entity which provides authentication services, including the creating and verification of authentication tokens for STAR transactions. IAOs are generally sponsored by an acquirer member.

Independent Sales Organization (ISO): A member service provider. ISOs are contracted by members to administer cardholder and merchant servicing. ISOs are external companies which are not members of MasterCard, Visa or in some cases, other credit card companies.

Indirect Processor: Processors are considered indirect when they connect to another computer or processor before connecting to the STAR switch.

Industry Server: A computer which is used for facilitating and handling financial information, including transactions. Private and public servers handle several distinct sets of tasks and have several components. A transaction processor assembles information in an efficient format for processing, or in some cases, the transaction processor actually handles the transaction processes themselves. Transaction processors handle bill payments and other types of financial transactions. A gateway or switch is another aspect of an industry server that connects consumers and their financial institutions. The settlement facilitator allows for communication between banks and other financial institutions for the purpose of settling transactions. ACH operates through the settlement facilitators of industry servers.

Institution Identification Number (INN): Identifies the issuer member. The INN is part of the primary account number. It may also be called a BIN depending on the context. For more information, see the PAN prefix.

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN): Digital phone service with a high transfer speed, enabling advanced data communications. ISDN is not as fast as broadband or DSL, but can handle 120kbps transfers.

Interactive Financial Exchange (IFX): An exchange standard for financial information, instructions and other relevant data through computers. The IFX was built off of a number of older standards, including GOLD and OFX. It provides enhanced security and functionality.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): A system which processes voice prompts to search a database and to relay a response back to a caller. Banking systems and financial institutions typically use IVR to provide an automatic phone interface that their customers can use to check account balances and receive other relevant information. The caller may be prompted to enter information such as an account number and a PIN number before receiving information through Interactive Voice Response as a means of identity verification.

Interbank Card Association Number (ICA): An identifying number for establishing the identity of a member in transactions. ICAs are used exclusively by MasterCard and are given to financial institutions and other common members.

Interbank Receiving Member: Treated as an issuer member, an interbank receiving member receives interbank credit, which is used to the benefit of an interbank transfer recipient.

Interbank Sending Member: Treated as an acquirer member, a holder of an interbank transfer sender which funds an interbank debit.

Interbank Transfer Recipient: An interbank credit recipient who is also a STAR cardholder.

Interbank Transfer Sender: STAR account holders that initiate STAR interbank transfers are interbank transfer senders.

Interchange: Systems used for authorization and other information exchange, operated by MasterCard and VISA. Interchange refers typically to information exchange related to the activities of bankcards and related transactions.

Interchange Fee: Transaction-related fees that an acquirer must pay to an issuer. These fees are established by Visa and MasterCard and are not created or set by CreditCardProcessing.com.

Internal Auditor: Another term for an approved auditor. See “Approved Auditor” for more information.

International Member: Any financial institution that is headquartered in a country other than the United States and not subject to U.S. financial laws and is a member of the STAR network. International members must meet all eligibility requirements established by STAR rules and regulations. These regulations include approval by an executive officer of STAR approved by the President of STAR or the President, as well as agreements to operate under the membership agreements and to pay all applicable fees and balances. International membership may not be available in some countries. In addition, there are several restrictions on international members that do not apply to eligible U.S. members in the STAR network. International members operate under sponsorship of a U.S. member.

Internet Bill Delivery and Payment (IBDP): A service for delivering bills and receiving payments from customers through any Internet connection. IBDP also provides a means of communicating other information to consumers and businesses, including instructions, statements and other data. IBDP contacts consumers and businesses through email or through Web portals.

Internet Check Acceptance: A system which allows payment from consumers who enter checking information online, including account and routing numbers. Internet check acceptance is handled and processed through ACH, the Automated Clearing House network.

Internet Device Deployer (IDD): Any member who puts an Internet device approved by STAR into operation. Third parties can also be Internet Device Deployers by acting on the behalf of acquirer members. When this is the case, the third party is responsible for the Internet device’s functions.

Internet Payment Screen: A single screen which relays information to a STAR account holder and handles several aspects of a STAR Internet transaction payment. The payment screen confirms that the account holder is familiar with payment terms and various other aspects of a sale and requires the account holder’s authorization to begin processing the payment.

Internet Protocol (IP): The Internet’s networking protocol.

Internet Service Provider (ISP): A company which provides its users with access to the Internet, including many cable companies and DSL providers which offer Internet connectivity.

IP Address: An identification number which carries information about the physical location of a computer or other device accessing the Internet. IP addresses are defined by the Internet Protocol.

ISO Prefix: See PAN Prefix for more information.

Issuer/Issuing Bank: Any financial institution which issues a bankcard. Issuing banks must be licensed members of MasterCard and/or Visa and enter into a contractual agreement with card holders.

Issuer Authorization System: A processing system used by a member or a processor, depending on the case, which communicates STAR transactions and provides a declination or authorization of said transactions.

Issuer Member: Any member of the STAR network which issues bankcards for the purpose of STAR transactions, including both debit and credit cards. Interbank Receiving Members are also treated as issuer members for all intents and purposes except as specifically noted.

Issuer Processor: See “Processor.” An issuer processor is a processor that authorizes STAR transactions or receives a request for authorization. Issuer processors act on behalf of an issuer member.

Issuer Zone: Every point of processing in a payment system, including the issuer authorization system, the STAR switch and all points in between.