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Hard Copy: A paper document related to a transaction.

Holding Company Member: A member of the network with a minimum 51% holding of voting stock in a depository financial institution. A holding company member must have been approved for membership by an executive officer of STAR designated by the president. Holding company members must also fulfill all eligibility requirements to be a member of the STAR network.

Hologram: A new anti-fraud tool used to prevent fraudulent credit and debit cards from being created. Holograms are three dimensional pictures that need to be physically checked as an authentication method.

Host Computer: A primary computer for handling data processing tasks. Host computers may have a variety of functions. Many host computers store or provide access to databases.

Host Security Module: A TRSM which provides key management services and PIN translation, which are necessary security features for authentication.

Hot Card: A card account on which excessive use is occurring, often an indication that the card (or account number) has been stolen.