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Biller Direct

What is a Biller Direct model?

Biller Direct is a type of bill payment model that allows customers to be billed directly by merchants electronically through their own web portals or websites. “Direct” and “simple” are two words that best describe this process. It is direct because it is electronic, saving time and resources. Also, it is directly on the biller’s website. This is a great way for customers to stay in touch with the merchant account holder, instead of being deferred to a third party. It is simple because the bill payment process is as concise and user-friendly as possible. Functionality is key when credit card processing involves people with varying degrees of experience paying bills online. Making the process cohesive and simple gains further trust from the customer, while making the merchant’s job a little easier.

What are the benefits of Biller Direct?

Not only is Biller Direct available online, but it can be accessed on mobile devices too. It has become a fully integrated system for merchant account holders who seek complete control over their business’ payment and billing solutions. The benefit to the customer is a seamless, one-stop-shop transaction on the same website as the business with which he or she has just conducted business. The benefits to the merchant include:

  • Giving customers more options like flexible payment plans, mobile billing and sending payment reminders.
  • Reducing credit card processing costs by conducting more business electronically instead of with paper and standard mailing costs.
  • Speeding up the overall process of collecting revenue

Is Biller Direct the best option for merchants?

Biller Direct is one of four types of electronic bill presentment and payment, or EBPP. It is not the exclusive method of bill payment processing for merchant accounts, but it is becoming one of the most popular. For reasons already stated above, Biller Direct is the leading model in EBPP, growing in efficiency, versatility and ease of access. For more information about the options Biller Direct would provide or if it is the right service for your customer base, contact a Biller Direct provider for more details.