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Authentication Programs

The merchant account needs to have fast credit card processing in order to satisfy customers and make e-Commerce profitable. The creation of credit card Authentication Programs has enabled e-Commerce to continue to grow while preventing fraud and frequent charge backs. Here is information on the online money payment Authentication Programs.

Laws Protecting E-Commerce

The World Wide Web has enabled customers to purchase items from websites all around the world. One of the key challenges was the ability to use the same standards from physical credit card processing for digital authentication of credit cards. The “Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000” was written to create guidelines for merchant account transactions online.

Online Authentication of Absent Cards

Credit card companies place online financial transactions under the “absent card” category. Each credit card must be authenticated to prevent fraud. When a customer provides his credit card information to a website owner, the credit card type, account number, address and security codes will be checked.

Since not all website owners have integrated “electronic signatures” into their platforms, the comparison of the address information is very critical. The online consumer will type in his address onto the website form. The numbers in this address are then compared to the address information stored with the credit card company.

Online merchant account transactions might also require the customer to use the three-digit or four-digit security codes – CVV2, CVC2 or CID – to verify that the customer has the physical credit card on his person. These security codes are found on the back of the credit card. The merchant account will send this security ID information to an acquiring bank for authentication.

Authentication Program Algorithms

To speed up the process, authentication tokens might also be used to verify credit cards. Computer algorithms can determine if the input ID security codes match the original credit card data provided when it was issued. The authentication program can quickly check all of the security codes to verify if there is a match. If the acquiring bank is satisfied of the genuine nature of the financial transaction, then the transaction will be officially authenticated.