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Small business owners are continuously searching for safer methods to process credit card payments. Whether using a credit card or a debit card, a consumer may be exposed to a variety of electronic risks. A growing number of merchants are considering the use of EMV terminals to process transactions for chip-based credit cards.

EMV Credit Cards

Credit card issuers have manufactured a product that is more secure for consumers to carry. Advanced encryption features are stored within a user’s EMV credit card. A small chip is embedded within the EMV credit card to reduce the risk of fraud. Hackers and other predators who aim to create fictitious credit cards will have a more difficult time with certain scams as the EMV chip is designed to facilitate safer user experiences.

EMV credit cards provide safer transactions for merchants too. Credit card thieves have duped some of the largest retailers in the world for millions of dollars. Merchants who accept EMV credit cards will be less exposed to fraudulent transactions.

EMV Credit Card Processing Equipment

Merchants will be required to upgrade their traditional credit card processing equipment to support EMV credit card transactions. To meet the industry standard of EMV acceptance, merchants from around the globe should be prepared to process debit cards and credit cards that are equipped with the chip-based technology.

To process an EMV credit card transaction, a merchant will need to insert the portion of a user’s card with the embedded chip into an EMV card-reading device.

Merchant Accounts for Small Business Owners

Small business owners might currently pay above-average transaction fees for various merchant processing costs. Whether operating a retail store, a restaurant or a mobile operation, a small business owner can review a variety of low-cost merchant accounts. Affordable credit card processing from a service provider that offers reliable equipment for EMV transactions is a winning combination.


As October 1, 2015, the liability for unauthorized transactions might be absorbed by merchants who are unable to process EMV transactions. It is a prudent consideration for merchants to consider getting EMV payment processing equipment as less exposure to fraud could provide protection against certain vulnerabilities.