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Mobile device credit card processing provides alternative ways for business owners to accept payments. Instead of cash-only payment methods, a small business owner can offer greater convenience for customers who want to use a credit card or a debit card to settle certain transactions. Entrepreneurs who set up merchant accounts may receive a mobile credit card dongle to facilitate the transfer of funds into a business checking account.

About a Mobile Credit Card Dongle

A dongle is a pocket-sized device that is used to electronically transmit personal and financial data for a payment transaction. Dongles are made by a variety of manufacturers. The size and dimensions for a dongle will vary among manufactures and merchant processing companies. However, most dongles will measure less than three square inches in size.

Dongles are often called credit card readers. Swiping a credit card or a debit card through a tiny slot that is located on a dongle enables a business owner to transfer a customer’s payment into a business checking account.

Are Dongles Safe to Use for Mobile Credit Card Payments?

Mobile payment transactions are growing in popularity as small business owners realize the enormous convenience and the added safety features. Most merchant processing companies use dongles that are encrypted to transmit secured information between customers and financial institutions. Mobile business owners and consumers can rely on secured payment experiences as the encryption levels are typically equivalent to military standards.

How do Mobile Credit Card Dongle Transactions Work?

Mobile payment transactions are safe and easy to perform. Merchant accounts provide business owners with information about the most favorable ways to complete mobile payment transactions. To perform an electronic payment, a business owner would simply attach a dongle to the head jack of a mobile device. Generally, a merchant can use a mobile credit card dongle to quickly swipe a customer’s credit card. With some merchant accounts, business owners might have the ability to use a dongle for transactions that require a customer’s information to get key-in with a smartphone, laptop or other mobile device.

The funding period will vary among credit card processing companies. However, most business owners should expect to receive completed payment transactions within one or two business days.