Simpler Smarter Savings

A smart and savvy business owner should strive to improve his or her situation. When doing so, an entrepreneur can achieve greater profits with less work. Sadly, many do not take steps to improve their business as it is often easy to sit back and do nothing. However when looking at, and auditing, a merchant processing statement, a small business owner can make more money and find any small problems. Here are four ways to audit your merchant processing statement.

Account information:

Now, most business owners try to keep the same address and contact information as long as possible. However, as people move and change phone numbers, it is easy to forget this. This can lead to serious problems in the future. For example, if the credit card processing company cannot contact the owner of the account, he or she will have serious problems in the future. Without a doubt, when looking at the merchant account information, an entrepreneur can verify that he or she has the latest information on file.


Some larger merchant accounts provide graphs for their clients. This will allow a company owner to analyze the data and understand how he or she is doing on a month-to-month basis. Over time, with credit card processing amounts rising, a company can realize its dreams and understand how to make even more money in the future. On the other hand, when encountering graphs going in the wrong direction, an entrepreneur will have a lot of work.


Some business owners transfer funds to their business checking accounts. Others want to leave some money in their credit card processing account. Either way, when looking at, this information, a small business owner can get an idea on how much money he or she has on hand.


Most merchants have to deal with disputes. While this is an occasional nuisance, one must still look at this, in detail. It is smart to look for trends; by looking at the long and short-term trends, one can determine if they are doing anything wrong and can fix the issue. Remember, while disputes are part of the game, it is wise to minimize them as they are not cheap or easy to fix.

With these four tips, a small business owner can check out his or her merchant processing statement. This will allow an entrepreneur to understand the future of his or her business.