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Credit card processing is an integral part of the way everyone conducts business in the modern landscape. In addition to carefully considering the technology that you use with online and merchant accounts, you must explore the best hardware available for portable and counter-top processing capabilities. Once you begin to consider the options seriously, you are likely to narrow your search down to a few select competitors that includes the VeriFone Omni 3200SE. This credit card processing equipment is a point-of-sale (POS) machine that is capable of handling all types of merchant accounts.

This unit’s design is based on improved ergonomic performance and a compact, stylish finish. The VeriFone Omni distinguishes itself from the competition by crafting an intuitive interface that is based on the most common ATM controls. There is no need to possess technical expertise nor have extensive experience with the hardware in order to operate it successfully with each and every transaction. The updated hardware also promises users the fastest-possible processing times for credit, debt, and check cards from virtually any provider. The payment types are all integrated with a thermal printer as well in order to enhance performance at every level.

One of the major strengths of this model is its versatility when it comes to forms of payment. It is capable of working with electronic balance transfers (EBT) and accepting smart cards. Your financial abilities are further expanded by having the options of check verification and truncation or accepting checks using the check-guarantee technology. The types of retail merchant accounts that the equipment can handle also gives you a greater amount of business freedom. Using the VeriFone Omni, you can handle dynamic environments that require dealing with mail orders, phone orders, e-commerce accounts, and internet merchants from a single terminal. In addition to swiping cards, the hardware allows for manual information input as well.

The thermal printer also contributes to the fast and quiet operation of the unit. It uses a drop-in loader that is virtually immune to paper jams. In terms of the raw speed, it has the ability to to print receipts at a stunning 12.5 lines per second. The built-in magnetic reader also features a tri-track, magnetic scanner that allows for scanning a wealth of cards that includes driver’s licenses. The warranty for the hardware leads the industry as well, promising customers at least 5 years of flawless service.