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Without a doubt, if a company has a lot of fraud problems, people will suffer, and profits will drop. For this reason, when running a website or other company where one takes payments, it’s important to take the time to verify the validity of some transactions. Simply put, when dealing with fraud, a company will lose a lot of money, and one must often does voice authorizations, and here are three times one should consider this method of verification.

Large transaction: Simply put, when accepting a lot of money via credit card processing, one should have a phone call to verify everything. Yes, if a company sells items for a few hundred dollars but has a high-end transaction out of nowhere, it’s wise to use the phone and talk to the person. Then, the person can verify that the transaction is legitimate and real. With a five minute phone call, on can save the company a lot of money and time as it’s important to make sure that all large transactions are legit.

Does not add up: Sometimes, when looking at the transaction, it does not add up. In some cases, a person will use an address that does not match the credit card. Other times, a client will try to use the card from a foreign country. Oftentimes, there is a reason for this if a person is traveling but still wants to buy something so it’s ready for them when they get home. As for different address, some people simply want to buy something and have it shipped to their work. Remember, merchant accounts only go so far, and it’s wise to pick up the phone if something doesn’t add up.

Any kind of denial: Often, when running a card, it will throw up errors. Since credit card processing is often not easy, it’s often not the fault of anyone. For example, if a person uses the wrong expiration date, the card will be declined. Often, it’s an honest mistake, and a smart company owner should verify the credit card processing transaction to make sure it’s all in order. Then, one will not lose the client who may be annoyed by the delay.

While a company can have many levels of security, sometimes a phone call is all it takes. Simply put, with a five minute call, one can verify the transaction and avoid fraud.