Simpler Smarter Savings

Using a third party fulfillment company allows a business to focus on what it does best without spending time, money, or human resources on other matters. From e-commerce to credit card processing and other business details related to merchant accounts, third party fulfillment companies can boost business productivity and profits. Understanding how third party fulfillment companies work and how they relate to credit card processing and daily transactions can help any business run more smoothly.

Services Provided by Third Party Fulfillment Companies

A third party fulfillment company can provide a business owner with a wide range of financial and customer services. The most common services that businesses contract out to third party fulfillment companies include:

• Data analysis to detect fraud
• Researching a customer base for expansion of sales and services
• Verification of consumer credit card funds and information
• Call center functions
• Distribution of products
• Packaging and shipment of products
• Order management systems
• Credit card payment and accounting services

Benefits of Using Third Party Fulfillment Companies

Small business owners must stay competitive and provide excellent service in order to thrive. Third party fulfillment companies help business owners by:

• Solving staffing needs at a competitive cost
• Providing technology that would otherwise be cost prohibitive
• Speeding transactions so that customers are satisfied and business owners get their funds faster
• Allows for seasonal expansion of sales to avoid glitches and credit card fraud
• Avoids capital expenses for software, technology and other equipment

Business to business third party fulfillment companies offer a high level of security, specialization and control over sales, information, and funds. Time is of the essence in today’s business landscape, and using a third party fulfillment company to handle merchant accounts and other credit card transactions and processing can help to ensure solvency, customer-friendliness and satisfaction of all parties involved.