Simpler Smarter Savings

Every business owner knows that accepting credit card payments is vitally important. More and more people are choosing to pay with a debit or credit card instead of carrying cash. If a business does not accept these payments, then they are going to miss out on a lot of revenue. Since accepting credit card payments is easier than ever before, there are no more excuses.

While there are several ways to accept credit card payments, the easiest and most convenient is by using a credit card reader on your Android phone. It only takes a few minutes to sign up with one of the credit card processing companies. They will send a free credit card reader that hooks up in the head phone jack found in any Android smartphone. Downloading a free app on the smartphone will also be required to successfully complete each transaction.

Once the merchants accounts are set up and the credit card reader is delivered, accepting payment is extremely simple. Sliding the credit card through the reader hooked up to the Android phone works just like the credit card processing system found in any store. After the credit card is slid through the reader, the customer will have to sign the touchscreen on the Android smartphone. The payment will instantly be placed into one of the merchant accounts created by the business.

There is a small fee associated with each transaction when using a credit card reader on an Android smartphone, but this is found on every credit card processing system. Paying a small fee is much better than losing out on a customer because they do not have any cash.

In addition to its ease of use, the convenience of a credit card reader in an Android smartphone is extremely important. This credit card reader allows a business to accept payment at any location. Everyone carries their smartphone at all times, so there is always an opportunity to take a payment. The only thing required to take a payment is a stable internet connection. This just opens up so many options for nearly every business. Credit card sales can be done at flea markets or upon delivery of an item.

Businesses may have been initially scared to use the smartphone credit card reader because it was new technology, but almost everyone has used one at this point. Customers will have no problem paying on an Android smartphone. Never miss out on a sale again.