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LinkedIn is a social networking site targeted towards working professionals. It boasts 277 million total users and 187 million unique monthly visitors. LinkedIn is available in 200 countries, including China. LinkedIn contains a total of 3 million business pages, showcasing 1.2 million products and services.

Why LinkedIn?

Unlike other social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn offers access to a unique, high quality demographic. Typically, working professionals drive the purchasing decisions in most households. LinkedIn allows businesses to target specific groups of working professionals to market products and services. A LinkedIn page also allows businesses to create brand awareness among potential customers.

Businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to bring new customers. Marketing departments are always looking to reach new customers. LinkedIn offers the most targeted and engaging ways to reach potential customers. The process is ongoing, with daily updates to the content, conversations about new products or services, and providing relevant company and market updates.

How to differentiate your business on LinkedIn?

The following are some of the key pointers to businesses planning to utilize LinkedIn features to gain market share.
• The quality of the content primarily drives the amount of user engagement, generating meaningful leads. Always focus on the quality of every single page published on LinkedIn.
• Respond to reviews and recommendations diligently, demonstrating responsible corporate behavior.
• Target your audience by selecting filter conditions such as country, region, industry, and gender. For example, you might want to target executives in a finance company to market banking products or services.
• Leverage the analytics provided by LinkedIn to assess the performance of your pages.

How to build your social media presence via LinkedIn?

The following are some of the steps you can take to initiate and grow your presence on LinkedIn.
• Start your Company page on LinkedIn. Get your products, services and career opportunities in front of millions of professionals.
• Setup a business account on LinkedIn to start using Sponsored Updates to publish relevant content to the LinkedIn feed of any site member.
• Login to LinkedIn Campaign Manager to create your Sponsored Update campaigns.
• Target campaigns to your desired audience using criteria such as location, age, industry and job titles.
• Analyze your campaigns by reviewing metrics such as clicks, engagement, reach, social actions and new followers.