Simpler Smarter Savings

Almost every business accepts credit and debit cards because it is what most people carry in their wallets. If you are taking cash only, you are missing out on a tremendous amount of sales because you are inconveniencing your customers. A credit card processing machine should be upgraded when you have new locations so that you can take advantage of new features on the market.

There are a lot of features on some of the new credit card processing machines on the market today. Many offer faster speeds and the ability for a person to swipe his or her own card, get cash back and even be able to wave the card in front of a sensor, if equipped with an RFID chip.

When you have new locations, this is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your system because you can usually do so at no extra cost. So, whether you are adding a register system to your existing location or you are opening a new location across town or across the state, this is your chance to try out something new.

These systems can give you an indication of whether you can benefit from a new machine at any of your other locations with an older unit. Customers may be very honest with you about what they think of your new system, including both positive and negative comments.

You can use this feedback to weigh the pros and cons of upgrading the credit card processing machine that you have at any of your other locations. A customer service representative from the credit processing company will work with you on the costs of each of the terminals so that you can calculate the costs and see if it is economically sensible to make the switch.

Each business is different. If you don’t have customers in front of you, then it’s okay if your system takes a little longer to process each card. If, however, you have customers waiting to leave and your system is still dialing, it can be frustrating – for you and your customers.

When you sign an agreement for a new credit card processing machine, most companies will give you a new machine, typically one with a lot of bells and whistles. These will scan the card faster, make a quicker connection and potentially have other features that customers are looking for. These new machines are usually more cost effective, too, because they will prevent you from having to type in credit card numbers by hand, which can help you to reduce downgrade fees on your account.

With a new machine, new opportunities for business may exist, so it’s worth the upgrade to find out.