Simpler Smarter Savings

When running a business, one can find a lot of new customers if they manage leads wisely and without making mistakes or wasting too much time or energy. While this sounds easy, it is not that simple for most firms. In reality, most struggle to manage leads as they do not use the right tools or take the smartest long-term approach. However, with these four tools, one can manage their company’s leads.

Google Contacts:

Now, this is not the typical solution, but one who wants to manage their leads on the cloud should use Google. With this option, a business will not spend any money and can track a customer’s payment information and phone number with ease. This makes it easier for a business to contact the client or access any information that will help close the deal. Remember, while this solution is not a complete one, it is a great free option for a small business owner who needs to track leads while on the go.


With a merchant account, an entrepreneur can track so much and follow the leads all the way to the sale. This is a great option for an established business with a lot of happy and repeat customers. At the same time, when a firm wants to accept credit cards, it can do so without having to spend a lot of time or money looking for a separate provider.


When looking for a simple and free method, one should consider using an Excel file. With this high-tech option, office workers can share information in real-time and can even put the file on the Internet. This is not an exciting solution, but it will be effective for most small and mid-sized businesses that do not have the money to buy a full software solution.


Of course, when one wants the ultimate software and online solution, they should turn to salesforce.com. With this site, one can manage their whole team and all of its sales leads. This, without a doubt, the best investment an established business can make when it wants to increase conversion rates drastically.

With these four solutions, a small business owner can manage his or her sales leads without running into a lot of problems. This is important as it is hard to make money or convert people into customers when the organization does not effectively manage its sales leads.