Simpler Smarter Savings

Running a business online that sells its goods and services to users from all around the world is possible by implementing your very own virtual salesforce. Having a virtual salesforce is one way to take any brand to the next level of success in today’s online market. If you are managing a merchant account and have a website to accept credit cards and other forms of payment, having a virtual salesforce is a way to ensure your customers are always receiving the service and support they need.

What is a Virtual Salesforce?

A virtual salesforce is an online team of professionals who are trained to help potential customers and users to navigate a website or to make a purchase from your company itself, depending on your goals and missions. Virtual salesforce teams have the ability to work from just about anywhere in the world, giving you an opportunity to easily open the doors of diversifying your staff to reach international countries who primarily speak foreign languages. Additionally, because a virtual salesforce has the option to work from home, you can also save money and space necessary to invest in a traditional workplace for your employees.

Positive Leadership and Training

In order to build a virtual salesforce that you are proud of, it is important to incorporate positive leadership and training to all staff and employees, even those who are telecommuting and working from their own phones. Implementing training programs for your employees to complete before joining your virtual salesforce is a way to ensure you have employees with the right attitude for the customers you are trying to reach. Additionally, training a virtual salesforce is a way to relay the voice you want to highlight when your salesforce is communicating with any customers who may call in or request support from your company.


One of the biggest benefits building a virtual salesforce has to offer is the ability to easily collaborate with those on your salesforce team, regardless of where you are located. Collaborating with your salesforce team is possible with the use of online services such as GoToMeeting or even with FaceTime and Skype, depending on the platforms you are using as well as your salesforce themselves. Hosting team meetings, drawing collectively and communicating easily with the use of video and voice chat has never been simpler with the tools and resources available today for both start-ups as well as established businesses.