Simpler Smarter Savings

When people are looking to do business online, they need to feel comfortable with the site that they are visiting, which can include a lot of different elements. Some people need to know there is a solid return policy, while others want to feel secure when entering their credit card information at checkout. Whatever industry you are in, these three tips for doing business online can help you gain your customer’s trust and ultimately, more sales.

Secure Site

All merchant accounts will require that you have SSL encryption on your checkout page, but you need to make sure that your customers know this and feel safe when buying. Always display symbols, graphics and content to make sure that your customers know they can feel 100 percent safe when buying from you.

If you are use any type of third party credit card processing, such as through PayPal, also let your customers know that they have a secure site and that you are not storing any of their information. Customers love a transparent seller, so the more information you divulge, the better they will feel.

Return Policies

Customers need to know what recourse they have if something does not go as planned with their online purchase. Even though most merchant accounts require a return and privacy policy page, most sellers bury them deep in fine print, and then try to use them against their customers. Instead, businesses should be looking to resolve problems before they start.

One of the worst things for a seller who uses credit card processing is chargebacks, but a seller who actively engages with their clients can help reduce this. A solid return policy will build trust before and after the sale, and make sure that you follow through on your word when a problem arises.

Variety is Key

Give the customers plenty of options when they are purchasing from you online. If you work with merchant accounts that only accept Visa or MasterCard, then you are missing out on a huge segment. Make sure that you can accept all types of credit cards, especially American Express, and even offer a few other options. PayPal is becoming a popular choice among sellers online, and they even offer financing directly through their site for larger purchases. The less excuses you give your customer to buy from you, the better. Don’t let payment method be a negative experience on your site.