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There are many reasons why you may want to change CPAs for better accounting services. For example, you may want one that offers faster service, or more complete services for your specific needs. The service level or the types of services are important to how effective the CPA is for you. You may want to work with a professional who is closer to your office location. While there may be several benefits that you can enjoy when you make the decision to switch CPAs, there are also some important tips to keep in mind to ensure that the transition goes smoothly.

First, you should work with your current CPA to make a smooth transition to the new provider. Request that all of your records be transferred over. Your CPA may have important tax documents that will be needed to file your tax returns as well as pertinent information regarding your current accounts. Depending on the types of CPA services that you use, you may only be concerned about having all of the data on hand to file an end of year tax return or quarterly tax statements. You may also be concerned about access to your credit card processing information, your accounts receivable data and more. Your CPA may keep data about your merchant accounts, checking accounts and other accounts, and this is valuable and necessary information for you.

You may also consider the time of the month or year when you make your transition. For example, you may not want to make a transition close a quarterly or annual tax filing date. Accountants are busy at this time of the year. You may also want to pay attention to when your merchant accounts pay you for credit card processing activities. Your accountant may be in the middle of working on various forms or other items for you at this time, and a transition can be difficult to execute when in the midst of these activities.

You may consider speaking with the new CPA who you have decided to work with about the best time to make a transition. The CPA may provide you with professional insight about the best steps to proceed with the transition, and you can apply the CPA’s experience and expertise in this area to enjoy the best overall results. While this process should be completed with care, the fact is that it can be completed successfully when you pay attention to these points.