Simpler Smarter Savings

Whether you run a large hotel or a small bed and breakfast, you need a hotel credit card processing solution that will allow you to run your business smoothly – no hassle, no hiccups, just fast processing and satisfied customers.

Guests should be able to complete their payments in a convenient way that suits them, such as online where they can also manage their reservations. Ensuring you also provide your guests with streamlined loyalty programs and gift cards can ensure they stay again in the future. The right hotel credit card processing solution can make the world of difference to customer satisfaction and therefore your success. They’ll ensure check out remains smooth and easy and that all major credit and debit cards are accepted.

Hotel Credit Card Processing That Stands Out From The Crowd

You want the experience at your hotel to really ‘wow’ guests so that they come back for more time and time again. With the right credit card processing, this becomes possible. You can offer your customers efficient, safe payments that welcome them back  time and time again due to amazing processing experiences. As the overall experience within your business will be so memorable, they will always consider staying with you again.

However, finding the right hotel credit card processor for the hospitality industry can be a little tricky. There are a few out there, and you need to find the one that’s going to suit your business, as well as provide the great service that your customers want and demand. Looking at technology-rich terminals can make the perfect POS systems for hospitality, as they can provide ease of use and allow customers to pay however they like, completely transactions quickly to keep things moving forward.

Make Everyone’s Day Easier

Credit Card Virtual Terminals can help you to save time on operational tasks, and will likely help you to save money too. Smooth payment processing for your customers should be a priority with a POS solution built exclusively for hotels. When you select the right credit card processing service, there are a few things you’ll want to make sure it can do. For example:

  • Pull reporting so that you can get a feel for peak times at your hotel, and data on people that are booking the most reservations.
  • Manage inventory at the hotel, even office supplies, restaurant supplies, housekeeping, etc.
  • Access your reservation log, view individual guest’s reservation history, no need to go through paper records for hours on end.

How Do You Think Your Guests Will Like To Pay At Check Out Time?

There are many guests now that prefer to use their smartphones to make payments. Let face it; many of us have them in our hand constantly anyway, so there’s no need to fumble about for a wallet or purse and find the right card to pay. In fact, 35% of consumers say that using a mobile app as a way to pay in-person is a convenient way to pay. Incorporating this will help you to attract new, young guests and keep your customers happy.

Decrease Your Fraud Risk

Guests need to know that you’re looking out for their data if they’re going to feel safe and protected in your hotel. For this to happen, the payment card processing you select should fully comply with PCI standards. You also want to ensure that your own hotel is protected. For example, high dollar amount transactions carry a higher risk of chargeback, and this can really disrupt the flow of your business. To protect yourself, you want to choose a partner for your hotel merchant account who understands the day-to-day life of a hotel, and can help you reduce your risk of losing profits to disputed transactions.

You want to protect both your customers and your hotel, so make sure you consider how you will protect them both before making a decision.

No Surprises

You don’t want any surprises with your credit card terminal provider. It should supply quick transactions, fast funding to your deposit account of choice, and custom transaction reporting.

Things like gift cards and stored value cards can be a bonus and help to drive sales, not to mention 24/7 phone and email support on major holidays, just in case.

Selecting the perfect credit card terminal providers for your hotel or other hospitality business is extremely important and can have a huge impact on the satisfaction of customers. Look for what we’ve mentioned above and you can’t go wrong.