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When looking to accept payments, one will have to use a payment solutions provider. One famous company was Tellan Software. This company went out of its way to make the customer happy, and it provided a lot of services. While true, many don’t know the extent of the offerings, and here is a brief overview of Tellan Software.


First and foremost, when thinking about secure transactions online, one should think about Tellan. Yes, this company was on the forefront of credit card processing security, and anyone who is online and shopping should be grateful to Tellan. Simply put, when logging in for credit card processing, a person will have vulnerable information sent all over. However, with Tellan, one would not have to worry as they used multiple layers of security to make sure that nothing happened during the transaction. In the end, this changed the industry as everyone else started taking security a lot more seriously.


Without a doubt, when looking to take payments, one can’t solely rely on software. Yes, with software, one can take payments online, overt the phone or through a smartphone application. However, this is still not always the norm as plenty of people like to go to a physical store and make a payment, in person. For this reason, Tellan Software was a great company to work with as they made the hardware and set it up in people’s offices and stores. Then, when taking payments, a client would have an easy time doing so since they would have the right hardware on their side.

While great, they are gone:

Finally, when thinking about Tellan, one will have to realize that it is all in the past. Sadly, CyberCash bought Tellan, and the company ended up going bankrupt. However, in a way, Tellan still lives on as Tellan was sold to Verisign, which PayPal then bought. So, when using the Internet and shopping online at PayPal, one will still use the services of Tellan, even if they have no idea about the history of this once well-run and powerful corporation.

When looking at the payment industry and merchant accounts, one would have to think about Tellan. This corporation was at the forefront, and now the merchant account industry is strong because of a lot of hard work by the employees and owners of this once well-run and well-respected industry leader.