Simpler Smarter Savings

People are using their mobile phones to do everything these days. That includes paying bills and ordering goods and services. If a business has no way to accept mobile payments, many customers will see this as an inconvenience that could hurt the bottom line of the organization over time. As more people grow comfortable making monetary transactions using their mobile phones, this trend will only increase over time. Here are a few reasons to think about a mobile payments strategy for businesses who do not currently offer this service.

More Options for Customers

Merchant accounts give business owners the option to accept credit cards. While there are fees associated with being able to do this type of payment processing, many customers would not be able to make purchases without using their credit card. Businesses whose merchant accounts offer mobile payments processing open the door to customers who may not have time to complete the transaction otherwise, and complete sales that were spontaneous and may not occur if the customer is not able to make their purchase immediately. Offering more payment options is helpful for many customers who can pay only using certain methods of payment at a given time.

More Benefits for Customers

Mobile payments mean digital receipts that help customers keep up with their purchases. Tap-to-pay technology is just as secure as swiping a credit card or debit card, but offers a convenience that can’t be beat at the checkout line. Customers can also access their rewards cards online, encouraging them to make repeat purchases.

More Benefits for Businesses

Using a mobile wallet for payment processing is often much cheaper, charging fewer processing fees than credit cards. Because there are digital copies stored of customers’ loyalty and perks cards, mobile payment processing means your customers are likely to make more return trips to your store.

As mobile payment processing becomes more important to consumers, businesses who have not yet caught on to the trend are likely to find their sales declining or stagnating. Offering this service to customers now means offering customers more options, and more benefits. It also means more sales for businesses. The convenience of mobile payments, along with the fees saved by using other types of processing methods is good for business. There are many good reasons to think about a mobile payments strategy today that will be good for a business and its customers.