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The majority of people looking to stay at a hotel will have already purchased a room online when they walk in the door. However, modern technology can make things easier for patrons if they want to purchase a room or other amenities during their hotel stay. When someone uses a credit card to confirm a room or add amenities to their bill, it’s up to a credit card processing company to make sure the transaction goes through quickly and easily. In some cases, frequent visitors to certain chains will have a hotel credit card to get special offers and discounts.

How does a company protect information with the threat of identity theft always around? Most credit card processing companies have software that complies with PCI DSS standards, which ensures the highest possible level of protection. PCI compliance standards include such things as E2EE, which encrypts any number swiped through card readers until they’re authorized by the hotel. Another method is tokenization, where the credit card number is replaced by tokens, which makes the number impossible to crack by fraudsters. Swiping that hotel credit card can now be a completely safe transaction.

With that in mind, processing credit card transactions can be much easier than they used to be, and a cardholder can use their card many different ways in and around the hotel. Room service can be easily ordered, and adding up the bill is now a snap. It’s important to know that if a hotel stay goes beyond a certain point and the guest spends a certain amount, there will be an amount of gratuity added to the bill. To make sure the number added to the bill is the correct one, a credit card processing company can make sure that transaction is done as fast as possible.

Thanks to the advances in technology, swiping that credit card at the hotel can be protected, no matter how many times it’s done during a visit. This is especially important if the guest arrives having put down a sizable deposit on a stay, even with the discount a hotel credit card provides. No one likes to lose large sums of money, so a credit card processing company can make the transaction fast and correct on a bill. Transactions at a hotel are quick and easy these days, and with the help of processing companies, guests can worry more about their visit and less about their bill being ground zero for identity thieves. PCI compliance standards make sure any credit cards are safely protected, no matter the mode of swiping. The days of sending the bills to the bank are gone, but protection is no less important.