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In today’s dynamic work environments, there are a number of methods that an employee can use to steal from his company, and this means it’s vital that employers actively work against the potential for employee theft.

Employee theft may occur in a number of different ways and isn’t restricted to employees who seek a “5 finger discount” with the company merchandise. Consider these vital methods for reducing the chance of employee theft:Screen Employees Before Hiring

Today’s background checks are swift and inexpensive, and before offers of employment are made, a company should always check the background of potential employees. Checks are doubly important for any employee who might work with the company’s credit card processing equipment or who may deal with the business’s merchant accounts.

Call Listed References

An incredibly common tactic for employees who might be likely to steal from a company is a set of fake references. Always ensure that the names and numbers on an employee’s application are genuine.

Create Rules for Behavior

A company should create clear and direct rules for employees to follow. If surfing the internet for personal reasons isn’t allowed by the company, this rule should be defined for employees in a set of company rules.

Regularly Check on Accounts

Actively audit items like company bank accounts, merchant accounts, and all other financially related items to ensure that accounts are accurate and that the employees have not been attempting to take money from the company.

Conduct Regular Surveillance

Surveillance cameras aren’t just for recording the behavior of customers. Cameras are also an important tool for looking at employee behavior. Important placement for cameras usually includes checkout stands where the cash register and credit card processing equipment sit.

Study Employee Behavior

Seasoned thieves might be difficult to catch “in the act,” but it remains an important task to observe employee behavior for any signs that theft could be occurring. A business must ensure, however that such observation does not impede the ability of employees to perform their jobs without feeling as though they are under a microscope.

Employee theft is an unfortunate part of running a business, and no company is safe from this threat. A smart and consistent approach to theft reduction strategies should result in the lowest potential for employee theft.