Simpler Smarter Savings

Point of Sale Systems, also known as POS Systems, have revolutionized the way retailers conduct business. Replacing the cash register, these systems help businesses track not only how much their sales are at any given time, but also keep track of inventory and allow a business to have a better understanding of inventory levels. These systems can be programmed to signal when it’s time to re-order certain products, and can actually be tied in with a company’s distribution center to automatically trigger re-ordering at the point of sale.

Payment processing with Point of Sale systems has been made much easier than using a traditional cash register. Many different types of systems can be purchased, depending on the type of business and its individual needs. The systems can be bought, leased or rented and can range from basic systems rented for as low as $79 per month to more sophisticated systems costing $3,000 or more if purchased. Some systems use computer keyboards, while others offer touch screens or tablet computers for ease of use with payment processing.The type of system a business uses can often depend on the merchant accounts that are used by the businesses. Depending upon the fees that merchant accounts providers are charging for their services, it may be more beneficial to use a refurbished system. Many of these systems come with a one-year warranty, software that is very easy to use and are bundled with the accounts to allow for a substantial discount. These systems can often be purchased for less than $1,000 and come complete with training and support.

One area of concern for many businesses is wondering how easy it will be to teach their employees to use these systems. Many employers have employees that have little experience with computers, and are often intimidated by them. However, the biggest advantage to POS systems is their ease of use. The software built into these systems is made to be user-friendly, allowing for mistakes to be easily corrected. The touch-screen technology built into many systems lets users easily learn the system by using color-coded icons to process sales and other transactions.

With the many types of POS systems available, businesses of all kinds can have the opportunity to upgrade their ability to more efficiently run their daily operations. No matter what system is chosen, it’s sure to provide a boost to employees and customers.