Simpler Smarter Savings

As with any other form of technology, point of sale systems have evolved considerably over the years, and they continue to evolve even to this day. With the emergency of newer technologies that bring consumers and businesses together both online and offline, it is essential that businesses today evolve to keep up with these changes as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways how point of sale systems used by merchant accounts are changing in this day and age:

Mobile Technology

Millions of people are using their mobile devices to shop online these days. We are no longer tethered to a desktop with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, in order to browse for products that we want, place them in our online shopping cards, pull out our wallets, and pay for them. All of this can now be done conveniently, anytime, anywhere. Therefore, credit card processing needs to be more mobile friendly and easier to use on smaller screens. They need to load quickly and process transactions quickly, especially if a user is making a sale over a slow 3G network connection.

Portable Technology

Point of sale systems no longer need be desktop computers. Who needs a computer when you can use an iPad or an Android tablet computer? Equipped with a card-reading device that plugs directly into the device’s USB interface, the emergence of these portable point of sale devices has gained widespread adoption over the past several years. This frees up the salesman from being tethered to a desktop computer in order to accept payments via credit card processing. This also means that sales can take place virtually anywhere, unplugged, be it on a street corner or in a moving vehicle. The sale can happen where the customer is, rather than the customer having to come to a cash register.

Systems That Conceal Your Financial Information

Merchant accounts that involve payment systems that mask your credit card or your checking account information are gaining popularity and widespread adoption. Rather than having to manually enter your credit card information or swipe your credit card information, you can simply enter an email address, use a fingerprint, or even have a bar-code on your mobile phone be scanned in order to process a payment. Each of these aforementioned examples do not require you to reveal your credit card or checking account information, thereby decreasing your security exposure on the Internet.

Indeed, point of sale systems have are evolving as the technology evolves, and as consumer buying habits shift away from traditional in-store at-the-register sales, to increasingly mobile or mobile forms of payment, so too should merchants seek to adopt and embrace these new point of sale technologies.