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Overnight shipping is a service many consumers are now beginning to expect when completing transactions online. They have this expectation for many reasons including the need for a specific good or service very quickly or because, while they want to utilize the convenience of online shopping, they also want to have the same experience of receiving a product quickly as they would when making an in-store purchase.

However, some business and consumers are still leery of utilizing the benefits of overnight shipping because of the rise in online transaction fraud. As such, as a company owner, there are factors you should be familiar with regarding overnight shipping and fraud both from the business standpoint as well as the consumer’s view.

Business Fraud Alerts

As a business owner, you want to provide the most convenience for your customers by providing such things as online shopping and expedient shipping features. However, with the rise of fraudulent transactions, you also have the responsibility of ensuring that you aren’t allowing thieves to make dishonest transactions through your business.

One of the main reasons overnight shipping is sometimes a sign of a fraudulent transaction is that the thieves want to receive their dishonest purchases as soon as possible before the authorities catch onto their practices and find them. This allows the thieves to use a certain address for one fast transaction and then move onto the next location after the product it received. It is your duty as a company owner to implement up to date credit card processing technology and using CVV numbers to catch these fraudulent transactions and reduce the amount of theft that is occurring online.

Consumer Fears

A major fear of consumers who purchase products online is that the offers for overnight shipping from companies aren’t legitimate. They fear that the high overnight shipping fees are a way for companies to steal their money without delivering the purchased products. While this is a legitimate fear regarding some dishonest businesses online, you must do your part to reassure consumers that your company is a legitimate one that really does ship products overnight. By providing up front terms and always delivering the products on time, you can calm consumer fears and increase the success of your business.

How to Take Action

As a business owner, there are several things you can do to increase the success of your overnight shipping services while minimizing the risks of fraud. First, to calm consumer worry regarding whether or not your overnight shipping service is legitimate, include things such as customer testimonials on the website regarding their satisfaction with this service.

Also, make the terms of the overnight shipping service clearly visible and accessible for customers to review before making an online purchase with your business. Finally, provide many outlets for customers to contact your customer service department such as a phone number or an online chat feature so that they can reach someone quickly if any shipping issues arise.

Next, to protect your business from thieves using fraud to purchase goods, implement the use of strict measures such as the input of a CVV number with each transaction. A CVV number is a three of four digit code located on the back of credit cards. This code acts as a security measure to ensure that the person using the card number is actually the owner of the card and didn’t just steel the card number from someone else. By taking these and other measure, you can reduce the amount of overnight shipping fraud occurring a the company while increasing the success of your overnight shipping feature.