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Convenience is the name of the game today when it comes to how customers pay for their purchases. As cash is becoming less and less common, more people are turning to credit and debit cards as their preferred method of payment both in person or online. Merchants who want to keep current customers and attract new ones need the best credit card processing equipment available to accept these payments with as few difficulties as possible. Whether using new or refurbished equipment, having the right credit card terminal can make all the difference to customers and owners.

When establishing merchant accounts, it’s important to take into consideration what type of terminal will be needed. Depending upon the type of business, terminals can be bought for such businesses as:

– Mail-order
– Lodging
– Home-based
– Mobile
– Retail
– Restaurant

There are also different types of terminals including wireless, IP and dial-up. Knowing the right type of terminal to buy for a business can save owners and customers time and money.

A number of manufacturers deal in credit card processing terminals including First Data, VeriFone, Ingenico and many others. When looking for the best company to do business with, asking about such topics as technical support, customer support, contracts and more can go far in helping to choose the best terminals for a business. Most terminals cost $200-$400, and can be purchased outright rather than leased. Some of the more popular models come from the company VeriFone. The Omni VX570 is one of the most popular credit card terminals on the market today. Useful in a variety of businesses including retail, restaurant, mail-order and quick-service it has received top reviews from business owners.

Many terminals offer business owners the choice of processing such as dial-up or IP. Terminals should also be chosen based upon the security they provide, and owners should look for a terminal that will let them avoid having to purchase additional PIN machines. Customers as well as owners like to know their information is safe from hackers and other identity thieves, giving everyone peace of mind.

When establishing merchant accounts, business owners need to carefully research the type of credit card terminal they will use. Asking the right questions can make all the difference regarding satisfaction of customers and owners, leading to a more pleasant shopping experience for everyone.