Simpler Smarter Savings

When running a plumbing business, one must take multiple forms of payments. Gone are the days of accepting cash and checks and calling it good. No, now, one must take credit cards as customers demand this and will take their business elsewhere when they cannot use plastic. With this in mind, most smart plumbers have started to accept credit cards using a merchant account. However, some are still lost as it is not always easy to get started. Luckily, with these three tips, a plumber can find the best mobile payment processor solution for his or her needs.

Great company:

When finding a merchant services provider, one should search for a long time and ask all the right questions. For starters, a potential customer should ask how long the provider has been in business and how much support it offers to clients. This will help the plumber narrow down his or her choices as it is hard to choose randomly. Without a doubt, when choosing the best merchant services provider, one can enjoy mobile payments without any issue or delay.

Smartphone or tablet:

Now, to run the transactions, one must have a smartphone or tablet with the Internet enabled. With these devices, one can install the right software and begin accepting credit cards immediately. For the best experience, one should also use the hardware device that allows a user to swipe the card and pay the bill quickly. Other times, a plumber can get away with scanning the card or putting the information in manually. Either way, with the right equipment, one can run credit card transactions quickly.


Most plumbers are not tech geniuses as they spend their time worrying about more pressing issues. This leaves a beginner at a bit of a disadvantage, and a smart plumber should do something about this by learning how to use the program. One way to do so is to contact the merchant provider and ask for a demonstration or training session. With this, a plumber will have no problem in taking in receiving money from customers.

It is wise for a plumber to open a merchant account and take advantage of it to the fullest. This will allow a hardworking person to take in revenue while on the go and out of the office. Without this technology, one will have to use cumbersome and time-consuming methods that will bother customers who do not want to wait forever to pay their bill.