Simpler Smarter Savings

Times are rapidly changing with technologies. This is clear when one uses a cell phone or buys goods or services. In fact, the way we spend money is changing at such a fast pace that it is hard to forget about the days of using a checkbook or cash. In fact, businesses now use mobile payment solutions to receive funds from customers around the world. With this comes a lot of new changes; here are the top three mobile payment Predictions for 2014.


With new cell phones and apps, it appears that most people, by the end of 2014, will have used a smartphone to make at least one payment. This will lead to big changes down the road as people will enjoy the ease of use of this awesome technology. One must remember, when merchant accounts get everyone interested, it will be all but over and mobile will reign in the coming years.

Less POS systems:

Point of sales systems are a great way for a company to run their operations, keep track of sales and accept credit cards, checks or cash. There is one problem with all this; POS systems are often too big and unnecessary for smaller enterprises. Now, with the advent of smartphone applications and mobile solutions, one can accept credit cards without a POS system. In the future, many will skip this expensive addition and just keep a mobile app and tablet or smartphone on hand all the time. In fact, when going to a store or restaurant, many will notice that the cashiers use an iPad to run the transactions as they do not need a huge computer with a bulky operating system.

Even more competition:

Established providers will hate this, but more companies will enter the market. With the low cost to enter this market, many entrepreneurs around the world will want to be at the helm of the next big thing. With smartphones, tablets and websites, many think they have what it takes to be the next provider. Now, this is great for consumers as they will enjoy lower prices in the short-term as companies will compete for their dollars.

There are plenty of companies providing credit card processing services. While this is true, it should get more competitive, and providers will start to push their products on small business owners and people who need to, at times, to process a credit card transaction or two.