Simpler Smarter Savings

Credit card processing is the hub of many businesses, allowing customers to move quickly through a line at the swipe of a card. Whether a terminal is behind a counter or out front for customers to use, it is a durable machine that performs dozens or hundreds of calculations each day, depending on the business. Connected merchant accounts credit the business with the sale as consumers have the funds subtracted from attached checking accounts. A terminal requires some maintenance to maintain a long, functional life.

Approximate Lifespan

Today’s credit card terminals last as long as 10 years. They are constructed of durable plastic and are often attached to a support bracket that pivots for customer comfort. As long as customers and merchants refrain from abusing the machine, such as using a ballpoint pen to gouge the touchscreen, credit card processing is virtually problem-free for a decade.

Everyday Use

When a terminal is first installed and connected to merchant accounts, select an area away from hot items, including furnace vents. Keep an approved stylus attached to the terminal for customer signatures. Periodically check that that stylus is still available for use because customers find alternative ways to sign their names, including the use of damaging nails or card edges. Using the stylus or fingers on the touchscreen keeps it free from damage that decreases machine lifespans.

Checking The Fan And Cables

Depending on the business, the credit card machine may be the busiest electronic in the building. Physically inspect the cords each month for any pinching or fraying. Lift the machine up and evaluate the fan through the vents. Dust and debris need to be wiped away with a rag to allow the fan to cool the internal components for a long lifespan.

Cleaning Cards

Use approved cleaning cards for a terminal each month. Using Isopropyl alcohol, the terminal’s magnetic heads are instantly cleaned of debris and dirt using these cards. They greatly enhance a terminal’s lifespan, especially if the machine is constantly used.

Glass Cleaner

Spray glass cleaner on a rag and wipe the touchscreen down monthly. Avoid spraying any liquid directly on the screen to avoid damage to internal parts. Consistent terminal care keeps the machine working diligently for many years.

Quality credit card terminals last for up to a decade with proper care. Take time out of a busy schedule and service the machine. Reliable machines keep business moving steadily along.