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Business owners with merchant accounts often have some choice as to how much information to include in their order confirmations. A well-designed order confirmation receipt serves several important purposes. While certain information may be condensed or even excluded for readability, the below details are suggested for comprehensive confirmations.

First, a good receipt confirms which items have been ordered. It also specifies the quantity of each item. Wise vendors list the names of the items purchased, their prices, and their quantities.

Second, customers feel reassured when they see that the shipping and billing details are correct. Therefore, unless they are the same, both the billing address and the shipping address should be displayed on the receipt. Along with the shipping address, good receipts generally mention the shipping method. When possible, it is nice to add an estimated time of arrival and a tracking number.

The payment method is also very important to include on this report, with a word of caution. Vendors should take care not to reveal any confidential information. It is sufficient to include the type of credit card, the last four digits of the card, and the total amount that was successfully processed on the card. Business owners must never include the entire card number. Most modern methods of credit card processing automate this step, removing any chance for damaging errors.

All good order confirmations include either one or two order numbers. Sometimes the number provided to the customer is an internal order number chosen by the business owner and based on the accounting methods of the business. Other times there is a transaction number that is provided by the credit card processing entity. When setting up their online store and choosing their merchant accounts, business owners are advised to carefully consider how they will number and reference their orders.

Last but not least, contact information for the business should be clearly displayed in all correspondence. A phone number is recommended, even if the majority of the business is conducted via email. A contact number makes it easy for customers to ask questions about their orders.