Simpler Smarter Savings

Poor productivity within a business is visible to customers and investors. Underutilized skills and tools, mismanaged time and missed opportunities all affect the bottom line of a business. Use these tips to help increase your business productivity in the new year.

Embrace Technology

Technology is a part of every business today, and it must be embraced. Any technology already in place must be periodically evaluated for proper use and productivity. How is credit card processing being handled? Are merchant accounts regularly monitored for security holes and affordability? Is an easy-to-navigate website in place with adequate information for existing and potential customers? Look for tools that can improve business processes and marketing such as updated computers and printers or smart phone applications that customers can use.

Internet Filtering

If employees aren’t productive, the whole business won’t be either. Internet filtering is especially important among office workers that have constant access to the internet. Block access time-wasting websites like Facebook, Twitter or eBay. If possible, restrict or eliminate cell phone use among employees. They should be focusing on their work.

Improve Customer Interaction

Customer interaction is more than just face-to-face time. Customers should have a good experience with the business whether it is through credit card processing when they are making purchases, interaction with the company website or business-to-business transactions. Evaluate all forms of customer interaction. Find ways to reduce the amount of time customers spend waiting, answer questions quickly and help them with what they need.

Set Goals

Goal-setting is effective in all parts of a business, especially productivity. Evaluate business processes, and set goals for improvement. For example, if the wait time for customers on hold on the phone lines is too long, set goals for employees to help customers 1 to 5 minutes faster per call. If too many people are spending time on one project, move one or two employees to another project and set a deadline.

Wasted time results in lost profits to any business. Fees for unnecessary merchant accounts or lost business due to poor customer service is a problem, but improving productivity overall can improve these smaller issues and impact the company as a whole.