Simpler Smarter Savings

The Hypercom ICE 5500 is proof that credit card processing doesn’t need to be a difficult task. This incredibly user-friendly credit card terminal offers a balanced mix of manual push-key and touch-screen features that makes it attractive to various types of business owners who have multiple merchant accounts. Its design and features make it possible for users to quickly process credit, Debit, gift, store charge and smart cards.

Design and Function

The Hypercom ICE 5500 is a sleek, compact integrated machine that processes transactions quickly and efficiently every time.

Featuring a glossy black appearance designed to match almost any business theme, the ICE 5500 is perfect for creating uniformity at multiple locations using several merchant accounts. The durable plastic housing also easily handles semi-rough and high traffic credit card processing and other transactions.

Unlike older terminals that are designed with 20 or more small, single-color, hard plastic, raised keys that are difficult to distinguish from one another and often difficult to press without making mistakes, the ICE 5500 features a 12 keys, water-resistant keypad designed with large, colored, soft-touch, non-raised keys. Keys are color-coded so that bright blue number keys are easily distinguished from the yellow Clear key and green Enter key. The terminal’s backlit LCD touch screen complements the keypad and makes transaction inputting, menu use and troubleshooting incredibly fast.

The ICE 5500 also offers several customization options designed to help merchants promote their businesses and increase revenues. Use the thermal printer to display interactive coupons, in-store promotion or advertising messages, a custom logo and/or loyalty program information on receipts with a few key presses. Additional services include chargeback protection through receipt data and signature caption and Web connectivity.

Terminal Specs

The compact Hypercom ICE 5500 weighs only 1.5 pounds and measures 10 x 5.18 x 2.5 inches. It has 1 MB RAM standard memory upgradeable to 1.5 MB RAM. The backlit LCD touch-screen has a 3,000 hours estimated display life. The ICE 5500 is powered by an AC adapter and has a 5-year RAM backup battery. The product’s lifespan is an estimated 100,000 hours. The reader has an estimated 400,000 reads life. The drop-in loading thermal paper holder accepts rolls that measure 2.28 inches wide by 1.97 inches diameter and 3.15 inches diameter. The terminal has 4-wire, RS485 and RS232 ports, accepts a peripheral PIN pad and offers LAN and 9600 bps communication options.