Simpler Smarter Savings

You might think the key to getting your business the exposure that it needs to thrive is designing a professional website, designing a billboard advertisement, or printing business cards. but if you want consumers to take notice to your brand there are other tactics. PR exposure will generate a buzz around your brand, but just how do you get PR exposure in today’s technologically advanced marketing world. While some companies will go as far as hiring a PR firm to get publicity, there are ways to generate quick interest without hiring professional PR reps. Here are some techniques that you may want to consider trying when you have a low marketing and advertising budget:

#1: Send Press Releases With a Good Angle to Local Media

A press release is an article with a news story intertwined into it. If you are selling a specific product that can help the public, you are hosting an event, or you are celebrating a milestone that is newsworthy, construct a press release and send this press release to local newspapers and news stations. If these stations like your pitch, they just might call you for an on-air interview, which will increase your orders, your credit card processing costs, and ultimately your profits.

#2: Hold a Training Workshop for Your Prospects

If you offer specific services or products, sit down and think about what type of workshop that you could hold for your prospects. If you are an insurance agent, you may want to hold a workshop on how to save for retirement. If you sell office supplies, consider holding a workshop for business owners on how to organize files and keep track of the bookkeeping. By inviting your customers and prospects to a scheduled workshop, you can give your target audience something of value so that you can build strong and long-lasting relationships.

#3: Sponsor A Local Event

If you really want to increase the amount of credit card payments that are sent to your merchant account, consider sponsoring a local event. Consider the target audience that will be attending the event, the fee you must pay to sponsor the event, and what you will do at the event to attract individuals. Give out promotional gifts, have a fun contest, and make sure that you choose a personable face to represent your brand.

PR exposure is important in today’s competitive business climate. While it is important, you do not have to take on the expense of paying a PR firm just to promote your brand locally. Try these tactics, show off your expertise, and get in front of the right audience.