Simpler Smarter Savings

Building a customer list happens in two distinct ways. First, customers who make purchases online will enter their e-mail addresses when they checkout. The merchant accounts for your credit card processing system simply forward new e-mail addresses to you. This quickly adds to the list of people who have made purchases. This makes it easier to send them updates on new deals, promos, and products.

The second way is to offer customers a chance to sign up for the e-mail list without them actually purchasing anything. In both instances, the idea is to get the customer back to the website so that they can buy more stuff Every time they make a purchase, the bottom line improves. However, how many times does one ask them for their business?

Personal e-mails are a great way to connect with customers, but when they are phrased in the form of a newsletter that offers new deals and information about the business, customers are more likely to take notice.

Weekly or monthly newsletters are the best possible way to e-mail customers. Customers are less likely to delete the newsletters when they know that they come in regular intervals. Plus, some customers will be waiting every week to see what new products have come out. Also, when something incredibly special happens, and the pattern of weekly or monthly newsletters is broken, customers will know that something really special is happening.

Using the credit card processing merchant accounts in the system for an online store to collect e-mail addresses of customers is a wise choice. However, using that e-mail address wisely can be difficult. Sick to a schedule of e-mailed newsletters that go out to customers regularly. They don’t want to be annoyed with “spam” that they feel they’re getting because they made one purchase.

Make e-mails to customers a way to communicate all that’s new and exciting about the business so that the customers keep coming back in droves with each new development and product.