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Cash back debit cards are some of the most popular cards that consumers obtain and use today. They are so popular because they allow consumers to earn money while they spend money. Each card company has a different way of distributing the funds that people earn on their cash back credit cards. Companies vary in the percentages that they allow their cardholders to earn, as well. The following contains some information on how a cash back credit card transaction works.

What Is a Cash Back Transaction?

A cash back credit card transaction is a transaction for which a cardholder receives a cash back credit. Some card companies have categories for which they reward their cardholders when they make purchases. For example, a cardholder may receive cash back whenever he or she shops for groceries or fuel. The cardholder receives a percentage of the expense back according to what the card company sets. One company may provide the cardholder with 5 percent cash back on fuel purchases, and another company may provide the cardholder with 2 percent cash back on grocery store purchases. Some card companies have a system in which they offer their cardholders the same amount of money back on all of their purchases. Most companies have a yearly cap on the amount of cash back monies the cardholders can earn. However, such is not the case always. A consumer may be able to find one provider that allows endless cash back earnings.

Redeeming Cash Back Earnings

Money from the cash back transaction goes into a till for the cardholders. Card companies have different ways of allowing their cardholders to redeem their cash back earnings. Some of them may release the accumulated funds once a month, and others may allow the cardholders to request the funds at any time. Each cardholder will clearly state its rules and regulations in the agreement.

Finding a Cash Back Card

A cash back card can be an excellent source of motivation for a consumer to shop with a debit card. An interested person can find a cash back card by using a comparison tool. A comparison tool displays the best options for debit cards based on factors such as features, benefits, monthly fees and the like. An interested person can find a good cash back card by slowly searching for the one with a reliable comparison tool.