Simpler Smarter Savings

Word of mouth advertising remains the strongest method of getting new customers and clients to a business. Companies focused on customer service and getting repeat sales may consider adopting a loyalty program. These systems reward customers who come back repeatedly to make more purchases or contract more work from a particular business.

How Do Loyalty Programs Keep Customers?

When a consumer makes a purchase, they expect a quality product, convenient payment processing, fast shipping and considerate and effective customer service. Even if they get these things, their interest in a particular company may wane. Loyalty programs keep the business in contact with customers and offer a real incentive for repeat sales.

If a customer is rewarded for placing another order using merchant accounts on the website, they are more likely to do so. Loyalty programs are more effective than coupons or even a freebie offer. First, the incentive must be greater than the usual coupon code can offer. Second, receiving it must be accomplished over time. For example, a customer can receive 10% off every other purchase, but 25% off if they shopped with you five times.

Will Loyalty Programs Attract New Customers?

Loyalty programs can extend to be referral programs for existing customers’ family or friends as well. When they find a positive shopping experience, safe and easy payment processing and great products, they will often pass on the word to people they know. Facilitate this excellent marketing practice by offering extra loyalty rewards to new customers referred by existing customers.

The offers for free services or discount prices after a certain number of orders can become a cornerstone of a company’s marketing methods. Loyalty programs can attract customers who are interested in great deals and establishing quality relationship with business that care about their needs. Customer service is the key to a successful loyalty program.

Businesses that want to find success in the long term must do more than find good products, utilize quality merchant accounts for ease of payment processing and offer personal customer service. Loyalty programs and incentives for repeat sales can encourage new customers to become lifetime customers as well as introduce their friends and family to the business and product lines.