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Hotel credit card and debit card processing can be one of the most important parts of hotel and motel ownership. Hotels often take the vast majority (if not all) of their payments via bank cards, so a great credit card processing company is an absolute necessity. Before choosing a credit card processing company, hotel owners should consider the technical expertise, experience and costs associated with each option for better profits and employee efficiency.

Hotel owners will need to decide which types of credit card processing terminals to use when selecting a credit card processing terminal. Hotels usually have a single point of service, so they have flexibility when choosing terminals. To serve customers quickly, many hotels opt for wired terminals, although computer-based credit card processing software can also be very easy-to-use and convenient. Some hotels accept reservations online and will also need online credit card processing services. When this is the case, it’s important to choose a credit card processing company that can provide a seamless, professional interface for customers. Credit cards need to be processed quickly in the hotel industry to ensure customer satisfaction, especially with online shoppers. Internet customers will often move to a competitor’s website if credit card processing seems slow, unsafe or unprofessional, so a great interface is essential.

It’s always best to work with a credit card processing company that has experience with hotel credit card processing, because hotels use credit cards more in their day-to-day operations than most businesses. Hotel owners often need to place holds on cards and may see a higher-than-average number of credit card charge disputes. A processing company should be capable of dealing with these challenges, and more often than not, experienced companies tend to have the best tools and fastest response times. Hotel owners should look for an established credit card processing company that can promise fast service and around-the-clock support for technical questions.

Fees are also important in the hotel industry. credit card processing companies should charge a low number of transaction fees, given that hotels will make a relatively large number of credit and debit card charges each month. Credit card processing companies’ fees usually vary depending on a number of factors, including the size of a business’s average transaction and the number of transactions per month. In addition to per-transaction fees, there are also gateway fees, technical upgrade fees and various other minor charges that contribute to the overall cost of a credit card processing company’s services. Hotels should look at these fees along with processing companies’ experience and technical capabilities to make a reasonable, affordable choice for reliable day-to-day business.