Simpler Smarter Savings

When running a mom and pop store, it is easy to avoid expansion as entrepreneurs often want to keep their business simple and low tech. However, in the long run, to stay competitive and enjoy higher profits, one needs to use technology to expand their company. With this in mind, here are four ways a mom and pop store can expand with technology.

Internet payments:

With merchant accounts and credit card processing options, a business owner can receive payments easily from customers all over the world. Since mom and pop businesses often expand and try to find excited customers from around the world, it is wise to use a formidable payment solutions provider. Then, when accepting payments in all forms, a mom and pop shop can enjoy higher profits.

Point of sale:

In the past, a store owner would buy a large computer and set it in front the cash register. Then, the shop owner would install point of sale software and run his or her register from the large workstation. Times have changed and one needs to explore a dynamic and tech-savvy solution. With an iPad and applications, one can accept credit card payments with ease. Since credit card processing is an important aspect of a business, it is wise to use a solid merchant account provider offering this high-tech option.


With a decent website, a company owner can showcase his or her products to people from all over the place. To run a formidable website, a mom and pop business owner needs to hire a qualified website designer who can create the pages with customers in mind. When coupled with a wise marketing strategy, a company will help its cause and find clients with ease.

Track visitors:

Finally, whether running a marketing campaign or hosting a simple website, a mom and pop shop owner needs analytics. With Google Analytics or StatCounter, one can track visitors and see what advertising campaigns work. At the same time, the company owner can see what parts of the websites people enjoy and browse often. With a few months of data, a mom and pop business owner can change his or her approach and bring in clients without wasting money.

With these four simple tips, one can expand their mom and pop store using the latest technology.